September 27, 2010
ESU #8


Notes from September 27, 2010 retreat

Facilitators: Carol Jessen, ESU #8; Molly Aschoff, ESU #8
Consultant: Becky Brandl, ESU #8
Recorder: JaLena Slack, ESU #8

Teachers will be most familiar with the Performance Level, not the Scale score
Question on whether the Scale score will remain the same
  • no answer on whether or not it will (no one has any information, presently)
  • we would like the above question answered....
  • Margaret stated that Reading results will be immediate this year, Math will have to wait until August
  • Scale score conversion scale will be able to give more information on a student (how many questions away is a student on a scale)

Individual Student Scores (on NeSA Interpretation p. 4-7)
  • Carol went through the report
  • comparing students (district, state)
  • Teachers should be familiar with the report
  • how do we involve parents?
  • Some districts have already sent out, little to no parent questions

Familiarize Teachers on the Tools of the NeSA-R
  • brought up that some students spent too much time using the tools
  • should tutorials be used more?

Teacher reports:
  • familiarizing teachers with the report

Indicator summaries
  • comparisons (male/female, ethnicity, special groups)
  • baseline year
  • distribution

District Work Time:

Creating a Graph using data:
  • Carol displayed a graph of students meeting the State standards and those below state standards
  • question brought up about using this type of data as a Northern Tier or your own school district (no response from group)
  • Wheeler Central - spreadsheet for students, by grade, "below, meet, exceeds" (scores included), writing scores, if in SPED (what area), Free or Reduced, number of Absences
  • Clearwater - where students are compared to the average (spreadsheet)
  • Staff should be aware of the data
  • Russ - Northern Tier, by grade level, combination of all of the schools, (# of students, below, meets, exceeds), total at the bottom with column percents,
  • Are there any trends?
  • Conversation on where the Northern Tier wants to go with the data
  • What data to use and how it is to be tracked?
  • Data should have meaning if it is to be collected
  • Wednesday (September 29, 2010) meeting - have some ideas of what direction the Northern Tier should take
  • Recommendation from Data team
  • Horizontal bar graph of Northern Tier data (below, meets, exceeds, combination of meets and exceeds)

What questions do you have about NeSA data?

Table of Specificaitons:
  • NDE Homepage (
  • Assessment page - access frequently
  • scroll down left hand side and click "District Assessment"
  • Table of Specificaiton
  • NeSA-R
  • standards in red on Specs will be on the test
  • DOK (Depth of Knowledge)
  • DOK Level - level at which most of the questions will be taken

Robert: posed a question to the group of what data can be compared as a Northern Tier compared to the State
Becky shared: NeSA-R by Nebraska Standards, which school districts were high or low in a standard (instructional decisions)

Questions will change, but the type of questions (from a standard point of view) will not change
Table of Specs will change from year to year