This is the October 26, 2011 power point presentation and NWEA resources used by Carol Jessen & JaLena Slack for presentation to NTS Language Arts and Science teachers.

NTS MAP Participant Power Point.pptx

NWEA Resources:

Follow up questions:
Q: We had a couple of kids that we retested this fall, but I am seeing that it used their first test results in all the reports. Is there a way to change that?
A: Well, it depends…if they tested both times inside their testing window than the computer reports the test event with the lowest standard error and the other test event will be grayed out. If they tested the second test event outside the testing window then it will be grayed out. In each case, it can be changed by submitting a data repair request to delete the first test event. Susan Klassen, M.S.

Q: If a student is rushing through a MAP assessment, how short of time would a student be "kicked off" the assessment?
A: In order for a test to be valid the Survey tests must be 3 minutes or longer in duration and the Survey with Goals tests must be 6 minutes or longer in duration. Susan Klassen, M.S.